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If you want to dress up your crotch cooler / heat shield, or mud flaps, tool bags, tank bibs, or what ever can be dressed up with leather, we love to do those things.

Tool Bag and Crotch Cooler/Mud Flap combinations


Mud Flap Samples

We just came out with this beautiful combination of a basket weave design and black pearl spots, after we got a request for a crotch cooler to match the customer's MUSTANG SEAT. We thought that it is very beautiful and decided to add this to our selection.

Black Pearl Studs to match Mustang Seats

So it will take a while until we have everything photographed and explained on this page. And please remember that we are leather workers and not photographers. So please excuse the quality of the pics. Most of them were taken right before the order got mailed.

In the meantime please feel free to email us with your questions on how to customize your leather accessories on your bike.

Be assured that our prices will be fair, and not over the top. Just let us know what you would  like and we will talk to you about what we can do.

To the left you see a selection of spots and stones we have to customize your leather items.

We kinda slipped into this "custom thang" during our motorcycle rally season when we had a lot of requests about this. So here we go. Just email Isabel, and she'll take care of you

Mounted Plastic Faceted High Domed Trans-lucent Stone

Reflector Spots



Mounted Gemocite Stones





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