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Windshield Bag

Swarovski Crystals
Mounted Crystals are a great way to customize your motorcycle and keep you husband off of it...:)

Engine Guard Cover Wraps

Mud Flaps

ugly googles
Ugly Goggles

Welcome to Queens of Bling

You love to ride, you love your bike, and you love "Bling"? This is your place to shop and dress up your motorcycle to make a statement. You already chose your brand, model, color, etc. Now it's time to put some sparkle on it, that makes it YOURS.Isabel - Queen of Bling

Beside the fact that our items look great, they also serve a purpose. So if your thighs get too hot when sitting in traffic, take a look at our "Crotch Coolers".

Staying hydrated is a must on longer trips. We make leather drink holders for your windshield, handlebar, soft or hard saddlebags, as well as for the glove box panels on the Ultra Classics.

To make the "Bling" flow throughout the bike, we also wrap our crash bars in leather that can have studs or stones.

So kick back, send your husband outside to cut the lawn or get some fire wood, and surf these pages. If you can image it, we can probably make it. Just email me if you have any questions.

Ride safe, and I hope to see you on the road.

Thank you for visiting,

and ride safe.



PS: I also want to thank the "Queens of the Road" from www.HDForums.com, the Ladies from the www.DoofClenas.com and all the Lady Riders that have shared their photos on this web page.




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Fancy Face Wrap for Lady Riders 
Zebra or Leopard printed Face Wraps for Lady Riders


I am back in town and ready to put some sparcle under your Christmas tree.

High quality leather crotch cooler or heat shields. Captain Itch - Leather Biker Stuff
Crotch Cooler / Heat Shields
(Patent pending)

Windshield Cup Holder
(Patent pending)

leather cup holder for handlebars
Handlebar Cup Holder
with stainless steel mount

motorcycle cup holder for soft or leather bags
Clip-on Saddlebag Cup Holder for soft bags - no installation, just clip it on
(Patent pending)

Saddlebag Cup Holder for Saddlebag guards
(Patent pending)